Too Much Tuition, CU

A CU student led initiative for a tuition reimbursement from fairness and student representation within the University of Colorado.

(Updated on 2/3/21 to express new objectives. We still deserve tuition reimbursements.)

this isn't over, University of Colorado.

They are not taking care of their students, they're taking their students' money.


After a strong attempt to reduce spring tuition, CU ultimately did not make the fair and right decision at the November 12th meeting. But it does not end there. Too Much Tuition, CU is back to demand that students are heard and represented. The University of Colorado would not be here without them, yet we don't seem to be any of their priorities. Time to remind them that we're not just sitting ducks.



CARES funds were $68 million in November, yet they couldn't find out where the tuition reimbursement money would come from. Now, with the new Biden administration, they're expecting more federal funding. Students should expect some too.

student regents

Students don't know the board, the board doesn't know the students. There is a level of intimidation when approaching the regents, and a lack of representation of the students by the regents. This can be fixed with a fellow student on the board.

r.a.f.t. Committee

The Regent Accountability, Feedback & Transparency Committee will bridge the gap between the CU leadership and the students they are expected to serve. Students will have a voice and leadership will know current student issues in real time.

transparency and representation and funds:

How to make it happen?
Great question! We need to get our objectives on the agenda of the April 8th meeting. How do we do THAT!?

The short answer is to put external pressures from the community on the Board of Regents.

Here are some simple ways to do that:

  • Sign this petition!!! (and provide your email to stay up to date!)

  • Follow Too Much Tuition CU's social media accounts to stay updated: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

  • Share the petition via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

  • Share social media posts on your personal accounts and tag #ShareTheCares #WheresMyMoneyMark and #RAFTcommittee


  • Express your dissatisfaction with the lack of reduced tuition publicly and loudly.

  • Sign up to speak at the Board of Regents Meetings.

  • Spread the word about the issue and let people know that there is hope!

  • Do not ease up!

More methods coming soon! Stay tuned!

What do we speak about at the board of regents meeting?

HERE ARE A FEW TALKING POINTS (for email or public comment):

  • If you are considering or actually leaving for spring - this is a biggy! They don’t think it’s an issue!

  • Tangible examples of lower quality - Shortened classes, unresponsive professors/administration, canceled events or opportunities

  • Quote CU - Were they dismissive of your concerns? Did they admit they can’t meet standards because of remote delivery? Did they promise something that was never delivered?

  • Economic impact - How funds will help, and how you’ve been personally struggling (touch the heart strings!)

How do we sign up to speak at the board of regents meeting?

Deadline: February 9, 2021 by 5:00pm
Send an email to

Write “live public comment” in the subject line.
Include the following information in your email:

  • Your full name;

  • Organization or description of who you are (i.e., UCCS student government);

  • Topic to be discussed.

  • Someone from the Board office will respond to your email with more information.

"The Board of Regents will include live public comment at its February 11, 2021, remote board meeting. Due to time constraints, live public comment will be limited. Please let us know by close of business on February 9 if you would like to participate. This is not a guarantee of participation." (Per Board of Regent's site)

Better writer?

Contacts: (just copy and paste your message, then send to each!)

  • Email the Board of Regents to urge their vote on a fiscal solution (they have the POWER!)

These 5 Regents are the ones who do not support tuition adjustments, nor want to help solve the issue:

Regent Glen Gallegos: (this one decides if it goes on the agenda!)

Regent Linda Shoemaker:

Regent Lesley Smith:

Regent Jack Kroll:

Regent Irene Griego:

These 4 support a tuition reduction/rebate (so energy is better spent on those listed above):

Regent Heidi Ganahl:

Regent John Carson:

Regent Chance Hill:

Regent Sue Sharkey:

  • Email leadership to express discontent:

President Mark Kennedy:

Dr. Russel Moore (Chancellor for Academic Affairs):

Patrick O'Rourke (COO):

Todd Saliman (CFO):

Philip P. DiStefano (Chancellor):


(It is much more impactful when they’re custom, so rewriting and editing is highly encouraged!)

Dear Regent ___________,

Please put a resolution for tuition credit on the agenda and vote yes. My name is ______ and I am a CU _________. I’ve been personally impacted by CU’s changes when ___________. Financial relief will help because ______________. Lower tuition is fair because __________. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Skeptical? Critical? Understandable.

We need YOU to demand fairness!

Mission of the project

A change of program calls for a change of price.

But in the battle for a change of price, unacceptable behavior within CU leadership was uncovered. There was a lack of transparency.
A lack of student representation or interest.
A lack of listening to student issues
And there wasn't even an attempt to try to solve issues when they were brought to light.


Contact Sophia Volk to receive more information on the campaign.