Too Much Tuition, CU

A CU student led initiative for a tuition reimbursement from the University of Colorado.

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Denver7 | November 12th, 2020
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It's time for the University of Colorado to reimburse a portion of tuition as an equitable solution to the cost imbalance and significant changes to programs.

By signing, you can join your community in standing up for what is fair and be responsible for returning your dollars back to those who deserve it; the students!

Together, we can make a difference. The more names, the larger the impact. Please share!

"It's really exciting to see students standing up for themselves and creating change when they believe something is unfair. At the end of the day, the University of Colorado should provide the value it offered, and that includes providing the support students need. Providing a tuition rebate to students would recognize the hardship COVID-19 has led to for our CU students and families.

The Regents have been diligent in recent years to build our reserves fund for a rainy day, that rainy day is here. We can provide a meaningful rebate on tuition without letting staff or faculty go, and without affecting the quality of the education we are offering.

I support the Too Much Tuition, CU initiative and look forward to proposing another action item to solve this issue at the November 12th board meeting."

-Regent Heidi Ganahl

Mission of the project

A change of program calls for a change of price.

Our objective is to put pressure on the University of Colorado's Board of Regents so that they pass an action item at their November 12th Board Meeting that will put tuition funds back in the pockets of students and their families.


Students deserve a tuition reduction. Here's why.


What we are doing and how you can help.

The Meeting

November 12th, 2020. Mark your calendars.

How do we convince the university of colorado to pass a reimbursement of tuition?

Great question! The short answer is to put external pressures from the community on the Board of Regents.

It's easy! Here are some simple ways to do that:

  • Sign this petition!!!

  • Follow Too Much Tuition CU's social media accounts to stay updated: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

  • Share the petition via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

  • Share social media posts on your personal accounts

  • Express your dissatisfaction with the lack of reduced tuition publicly

  • Spread the word about the issue and let people know that there is hope!

  • Do not ease up! It is only 6 weeks of keeping the fire hot!

More methods coming soon! Stay tuned!

Skeptical? Critical? Understandable.


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